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Welcome to Oathbound – your upcoming UE5 high-fantasy MMORPG

The free people of Arcaya

United you stand

Begin your epic journey in this multiplayer role play adventure by choosing between the playable races, each with its unique abilities. Create the character you envision and venture out into a fantasy world to uncover the secrets of Arcaya.


Iron Orcs


Sun Elves

In his pocket, besides some provisions, he had a scroll of golden-yellow parchment. Upon it was written: We are free.”

– The Legend of the Four, Prologue –

A world war-torn

Reclaim the lands

As you advance in the game, a continent waiting to be rebuilt unfolds before you. Gain ownership over parts of the game world and create functional structures to profitably partake in the player-driven economy of Oathbound.

For Gamers and coiners alike

We treasure gameplay. As such the MMORPG Oathbound is accessible as well as playable without the necessity to prior token purchases or a connection to the blockchain at all. Those interested in crypto and NFTs can connect their wallets to ultimately profit from the play-to-earn mechanics and the time invested into the game. Others will be able to equally enjoy Oathbound with no feature-locks in place that artificially cloud the game experience.

The Harmony of the Triad

Fulfill your role

Oathbound features the battle-proof class system of tank, damage dealer and support. Pick the play style that suits your main character most and freely complement your group to experiment with different builds and specs, from classic to extraordinary, from squishy to tanky.

Each of the four available class archetypes expands into two even more specialized classes to choose from as you progress in the game.





Play and earn $leet Token

Connecting to the game’s crypto ecosystem will allow active players to earn actual token rewards. By unlocking in-game achievements, participating in PvP tournaments, and contributing to the virtual economy through Oathbound’s profession system gamers will be empowered to increase their $LEET stake – ultimately giving them access to partake in game related decision makings and a share of the revenue generated by the underlying ELEET GAMES publishing label.

A home to prosper

Build what is yours

Utilize the housing system to unlock new game features and possibilities to progress in the game. Choose wisely and you will be rewarded with even greater power to face the challenges waiting for you in the world of Oathbound.

Inspired by the breath of the Nebula Prince himself, the night-gray warriors knew neither mercy nor pity and tore man, woman and child from life – a life that had been defined by centuries of peace and prosperity.

– The Legend of the Four, Prologue –

Oathbound Core Game Features

Races & Classes

Choose from 4 different races and 8 classes to create the perfect hero for your playstyle.

Skill System

Develop your character's abilities through spending skillpoints and progressing through a class-specific skilltree.

Tactical Combat System

Fight in turn-based tactical battles against your opponents and pick the perfect party for every challenge you encounter.

PvE & PvP Content

Wether you prefer PvE or PvP, Oathbound offers you the possibilities to play the game however you want.

Loot & Gear

Loot items from your defeated foes and use them to strengthen your own group, or sell it on the market for profits.

Professions & Housing

Visit land plots or buy your own to gather materials and build your own structures that help you progress through the game.

Market Economy & Play-to-Earn

Player driven free markets let you turn your resources & loot into profits. The more you play, the more you can earn.

Frequently Asked questions

Why is the game called Oathbound?

One of the game’s core loops unfolds around the management of your party. Those units you gain control over will swear an oath to stand by you in battle until you release them from their vow. That's why we call it .

When will Oathbound be released?

With our main goal to increasingly include the community in game development decisions, it is tough to nail down an exact release date. Yet, given the team behind Oathbound and its publisher ELEET GAMES have introduced dozens of games to hundreds of millions, we strongly believe that we can provide enough guidance to stick to our current release plan – which includes an OBT in 2022.

What monetization model will Oathbound have?

Oathbound can be played for free and will offer in-game purchases as well as an optional subscription model. Due to the game being powered by its own cryptocurrency (the $LEET token), you will be able to trade digital goods for $LEET and use the token to participate in and profit from the game economy. So, (free-to-)play-to-earn would be the best way to describe Oathbound’s monetization model.

Is there an Early Access planned for Oathbound?

The technical alpha of Oathbound is playable from the day of this writing. That version is however only accessible to those holding the $LEET token and therewith becoming a member of ELEET GAMES. Other sorts of Early Access are likely but haven´t been decided yet. In any case we will let you know ahead of time!

On which platforms will Oathbound be playable?

Oathbound is designed to be a PC (and Mac) game experience. Ports to more platforms and/or companion apps are currently not tangible and might even primarily depend on the decisions of the community itself in the future.

I have no clue about Blockchain, Cryptos, NFTs and Tokens - Will i still be able to play Oathbound?

Absolutely yes. All Blockchain related features are purely optional and designed to enhance, not to determine the game experience. Granted, to profit from the play-to-earn mechanics you will need to have a wallet connected – and we will provide you with all the easy tools to do that on the fly, whenever you want.